Having issues with a HUD stanima bar going down

Well first off I’m brand new to the Unreal Engine 4 community and don’t have much experience with it yet. I bought a book to help get a introduction to how it works and blueprints and all has been going well except for a stamina bar. Basically my issue is that I have variables for stamina bar, stamina available, and the amount of stamina costs to sprint. The program works but when I play the stamina bar does not go down in steady increments it will just turn grey once it is depleted. Any help would be appreciated because I have no idea whats wrong and the book doesn’t have this issue.

progress bars are taking value from 0 to 1. if your stamina value goes from 0 to 100, you need to divide that value by 100 before inputing it on the progressbar. or use the map range function.