Having issues with a bunch of client side functions

So a few things arent happening right for me that i do not know how to fix. Here is the initial screenshot.

  • First off, the money values arent working right, i have them set in the GamemodeBP as a repnotify variable, i also have a switch authority applied to it. The money values do not show for the client at all.

  • Secondly after the first button is pressed another one appears, the function is supposed to spawn a dropper on scene, erase the used button, and make the next level of buttons appear, while the dropper spawns for the owner or host, nothing happens for the client. the old button does disappear but the new button only spawns for the owner. (its hard to see but the "$50 dropper 2 is the new button, the host is just covering up the physical button but its there) The functions still work for the client if they were to run over where the button was and their team have enough money, just none of the spawnable items actually appear.
  • The function that drops the money icon works great besides the fact that the physics is random for each person which i need it to be the same for everyone that way if a money icon falls off the box and isnt collected, then that happens for everyone.

EDIT: I solved the issue with the models not spawning for the client, “Net Load on Client” was checked and didn’t need to be, the only issue remaining is the HUD not displaying the money

EDIT 2: HUD shows properly now, switched where i held the base values from the gamemode to the player controller, now they are not updating for the client

Hi,ImThatGuy5674,well basically first what i’ve see from screenshot that you are using the “Listen Server Mode” which means that you have a GM on your Server.Try to run this in Dedicated Server mode.And the second one you should have the Multicast Function that will tell all clients that you want to spawn something on Server and client side and make it replicatable.
I will attach i document where a cool guy make a presentation about the networking,its using both blueprints and C++,read carefully and try to apply this to your problems.
link text