Having issues saving a high score.

Edit: Sorry about the huge images, not sure how to scale them down on here without having uploaded them somewhere external first.

Hello, I’ve been trying for the better part of today to get a saving feature on a high score work properly, but I can barely graze the first steps and even though I’ve followed countless tutorials and viewed Tappy Chicken’s blueprint system I just can’t for the life of me figure this out. If you haven’t guessed I’m basically brand new in this area, so I’m hoping it’s something simple I’ve just neglected to do somewhere.

So this first attachment is called upon when the player dies, off of a custom function which basically resets the level. I’m hoping everything here is setup correctly.

The second image is the larger section which I’m hoping is what commits my variable to save.


Whilst the end goal is to get a high score, so I know I’m missing a few things to dictate whether it would break the previous one or not, I am currently just having an issue trying to get anything to save so that’s what I’m trying to fix. The High Score node is what I want to commit to save, and the localhighscore is currently this:


so it’s dictated by total distance travelled, which is calculated through the character movement.

So I’m then displaying this figure on the UI, or attempting to, so I wanted to test out just the local highscore which returns a value of zero, on death, it actually shows up really quickly but then immediately goes back to 0 with the level reset.



Obviously this isn’t working but it’s not even the value I wanted in the first place so I tried taking the value that would be stored in the save file, however it just results in nothing being shown at all.



However if I go back and plug this in to the death trigger itself with the reset point at the end, the character never even dies, which lead me to believe it was a problem in the blueprint system itself, and after using the power lines it always stops at the same point shown below.


I really have no idea where to go with this, I’ve tried looking around on the internet and whilst I’ve come across relatively similar threads, nothing I’ve found seems to solve my problem or I can’t find a successful way to implement it.