Having Issues Packaging, emulating, deploying

Hey guys. This is my first ever post on here. I’m working on an independent study internship where I go through the book Learning Unreal Engine Android Game Development by Nitish Misra. I’m on the final section and trying to get my project packaged and (possibly) run it on my android phone from the computer.

For packaging, I continue to get the error- ERROR: Can’t make an APK without API ‘android-23’ minimum installed (see “android.bat list targets”). I tried opening my SDK manager and manually updating those files, but that hasn’t made a difference. On top of that, the book rushes you through the “executing” stage in this section, with very little explanation as to how it all works, so troubleshooting is especially difficult.

For trying to run my project on my android phone, I’m using Windows 8.1 to run Unreal Engine 4.18, and connecting my phone via USB (phone is on 7.0 Nougat), but my PC isn’t recognizing my phone.

If anybody could offer any help, I’d greatly appreciate it. Currently feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. Thanks.