having issues getting nDisplay outputRemap to show anything

Attempting to take the Example nDisplay template project with NDC.Basic and flip the output window upside down using an external obj file. I have tried several variations of it, when it fails with errors in the log, nDisplay defaults to a viewable window, when it actually loads with no warnings the screen remains black with no errors in the log.


pass.obj (normalized coordinates)

I have tried several coordinates configurations for the y and z values in the obj file, at screen resolution, etc.

Documentation is a little light indicating just adding the obj should remap the output.

Any insight would be great.


This issue is now resolved. Problem was my configuration of the NDC_Basic in my scene, and then using input file related to NDC_Basic.nDisplay on Switchboard configuration. Once corrected nDisplay file was used for configuration project worked as expected.

Final test pass.obj

Final adjusted nDisplay file.
NDC_Basic.ndisplay (3.1 KB)