Having issue with Rinterp

Returning from a 2 year absence from UE4 tinkering and i have forgotten the best ways to do things.

Basically i have an object that once every 0.625 seconds i want to smoothly rotate from its current rotation adding 45 degrees and repeat non stop,
I found it simple to add the 45 degrees just adding delay and add relative rotation however it obviously wasn’t smooth
The current picture below basically just spins out of control non stop i read that Rinterp needs to be used on tick but i can’t for the life of me figure out how to work Rinterp or add delays on tick etc.

Thank’s in advance for any guidance.

I just ended up re doing my initial timeline and added an extra bit of time at the same rotation in that to simulate a pause.
If anyone else wants to answer the initial question for future viewers feel free .

well, because you are using Add World Rotation… every tick you are ALSO adding to the value that you are interpolating from… so as a first step, I’d use Set World Rotation instead

(another minor issue may THEN arise using your current approach, but if it does… just comment here and it can be easily fixed)

If you need a constant rotation 45 degrees every 0.625 seconds, why don’t you just add a Rotating Component with the rotation rate of 72? No interpolation or timelines needed.