Having issue with golf ball game physics

Vide of problem

alright so i have a golf ball that i am adding impulse to shoot. when the ball moves at high speeds it slows down and wont interact with walls or banks properly like a golf ball in a golf ball game would. the video sort of shows what i am running into and would like any insight on how i can actually make the ball react like a golf ball would when it hits the wall or banks off the wall and bounces correctly.

ideally if you have played games like golf with friends or golf it or any mobile golf game i would like the ball to be able to bounce off walls and stay grounded as they roll through the course but i am having an issue making the golf ball react to objects like a golf ball, any insight or direction would be great!

Look into physical materials - these allow you to assign physical properties to surfaces (inlcuding the ball itself):

In order to have a more bouncy ball, you’d increase Restitution on the material assigned to the ball.

This way you could design rubberised, icy or sandy surfaces and apply them where needed. It may take a bit of fiddling to get the numbers right, though.

And here is the reference: