Having Enemy Shoot Projectile at Player 3D

Basically in my game the player as well as the monsters shoot physical projectiles and the point is to dodge the monster shots and kill the enemy. If I spawn the enemy projectile from inside the enemy, and then add impulse, how would I enter the vector into the node so that the bullet goes towards the player?

Hmm well I might do that for projectile movement instead of adding impulse. Problem is though that I do not want the projectile to home in on the player. A better way to explain I guess is I want the monster to shoot in a direction, based off of the position of the player, so that it shoots at the player position, and keeps going that direction, or have like a pattern of shots based on where the player is standing relative to the monster. Hope that made sense.

If in the projectile you used the Projectile Movement


You will see an option called Is Homing Project at Homing in the Details, you activate it


This option is the projectile target he is going to go to that target, to Set it you can do a Simple Code:


Ok. So try doing this but just set home when trying the enemies shoot and do it just once. So the projectile sets the home and go only tgere. Try that.

Observation: never tried but I think it would work

Sorry for the misspelling what I meant to say was that you can try setting the home target just once. When the enemies shoot. So that this way the projectile sets the home once and go only for that direction.

I’ll give it a try