Having download EU5 can’t download 4.26

I recently downloaded the magnificent EU5.0, which was my first foray into this unreal world. Loving it! However, I thought I’d download 4.26 so I could make use of the Marketplace items I wanted. It just won’t do it. Every time I click on download it says I need the Epic Games Launcher, which I already have, obviously. I tried reinstalling the Launcher, tried repair, but 4.26 just will not download to the Launcher. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Mine isn’t working either, is 4.26 turned OFF in lieu of 4.27 ?

hi @anonymous_user_e997809b,
I have had this before where
After clicking Unreal Engine → Library

you need a Prior Version list here is Epic Launcher

I have installed 4.26.2 from the list so it won’t offer to install it again!

The installed Plugins! means there updated plugins for this binary distribution