Having Difficulty Merging Two Marketplace Assets


I am working on making a topdown action rpg. I first started learning in Unity but now I’m learning C++ and blueprinting via Youtube, the API, the forums, and a few Udemy courses. I have been having a great time learning UE4!!

To help accelerate my learning, I purchased a few marketplace assets. I’m working on this project solo and the assets have been helping me to understand multiplayer networking movement with a topdown controller and to help me understand the jigsaw inventory system.

My issue right now is that I’m trying to merge the TopDown RPG Inventory System into the Multiplayer Topdown Kit. I have been working on this for a few weeks and have been mostly successful, but I have hit a point that I cannot solve (and neither of the creators seem to still be supporting these assets.)

I should note that the Inventory System is built for single player, so the creator’s recommendation of simply adding the BPComponent to the TopDownCharacter does not work (due to the nature of the player/pawn/ai controller used for multiplayer topdown). By placing the BPComponent instead on the Controller, I have been able to get the inventory to load properly. The problem, is that I cannot pick up anything now. Mousing over items on the ground and trying to pick them up no longer functions.

I have been trying to resolve this myself for several weeks, but I’m at the point that I need some help! Does anyone have any ideas of where to start? Am I missing something big?