Having difficulties.

Hi everyone.I’m new to UE4 and I’m learning from the youtube tutorials but they are for older version.So my problem is.In one of the tutorials about toggling a light with blueprint,the way that is shown there I cannot use it.First of all I can’t make a PointLight reference.I can make a reference to the whole Ceiling_Light blueprint.Second when I add Trigger Volume I can’t add events for it in the same event graph as in the reference.It seems that I add a reference in one graph and event in the other I can’t combine them.fd2a7038d7dac564e5167587cc5384b2c4142bb2.jpeg As you can see in the picture where I have the PointLight reference I can’t add TriggerVolume reference even though it’s selected.3d9e4d59f68db0b5a67f68f9754f2d1f99b0319c.jpeg And in this picture you can see that I have selected the PointLight only not the whole ceiling light and I can’t add a reference.I really hope this information will be enough.Thanks in advance.If there is something that I haven’t said clearly please feel free to tell me.

You can access your PointLight through the Blueprint_CeilingLight reference, since its a member of that Actor you can change its values through that reference.

Yeah because you have a blueprint there you need to drag off your reference to the blueprint and then call the light from there. You can then set that as a variable and call it directly in other parts of your blueprint without the cast if you want.

Okay but the trigger box is still not working,like it won’t light up.In the tutorial the light bulb switches on in my case it doesn’t. 2.jpg When I try to enter the trigger box range it just doesn’t light up.