Having consistent flow of background music in main menu?


this is probably the wrong way of setting up a menu with many sub menus (eg settings, level select etc) but I’ve been setting up my main menu for my game by having a level setup where the level blueprint would create the mainmenu widget. Then when the “settings” would be clicked, the player would be sent to a “settings” level where the respective level blueprint would create a settings widget.

The problem here is I have a song playing in the background using a spawn sound 2D node in the level blueprint of my main menu level and I want it to continue once one of the buttons is pressed eg sound, but evidently despite having the same spawn sound 2d in its level blueprint, once the settings widget open the music is reset.

Like I said, I’m imagining that the way I’ve gone about connecting my menu’s together is completely wrong but its the only way I know how, if you know of another way please to share. The main issue is the fact that I want to be able to have my music run smoothly throughout the whole time spent in the main menu and not have it resetting itself.