having an issue viewing stuff from the marketplace

Anybody else having this problem? I’m in the marketplace, click on new content, then on a pack I’m interested in. I view the screenshots and then I click the X in the top right corner. The screenshot stays there and I can’t click on anything. I have to end the task (Epic Games Launcher) with Ctrl-Shift-Esc. The launcher is updated to the latest version.

Tried to upload a screenshot but I get a database error.

I can confirm I am getting this bug as well, seems to happen regardless of the package.

I can also confirm this is happening on my side… Only with the launcher though, this issue is not present within Chrome on the web side of things. Although yuo can just press escape to close the image by the looks of it

That did it. Pressing Esc closed the image so I’m able to click on something else. Never did this before.
A bug in the latest release? I’m using IE 11