Having a web page and Unreal build communicate


I am fairly new to Unreal and in need of help.

I don’t know how to communicate data (JSON or String) from a web page to my unreal application.
I just want to build a simple html web page and a blank unreal project and see if I can set visible an actor depending on the menu button pressed, etc.

I want my Unreal application (build) to be displayed in a web page. The unreal app will probably be an iframe in the webpage.
Depending on the button pressed on that said web page it should interact with my scene.

For example:
When the cube menu button is pressed, a cube will appear in the middle of the empty scene.

But the web page really has to be separate from the Unreal application itself.

So a Json or String is sent to the Unreal app from the web page, from a Javascript function.
The Unreal app get the info and does something.

I have attacked a small sketch to visualize everything.

Thanks in advance!