Having a Guid as a property may crash editor 4.6.1/4.7p4

  1. Add Guid property to a BP Actor
  2. Create Streaming level
  3. Start a game
  4. When Streamed level is streamed and visible, search for an actor in Scene Outliner and select this actor
  5. When Actor is selected and visible in Details window, unstream level
  6. In 90% crash will occur

I’ve attached an example level. Start a game, walk to a edge of the platform, this should stream SubLevel. Select actor named EditorCube_Blueprint which contains public/visible property of type Guid. Then walk out of the streaming zone to unload a level.

Crash occurs in a code trying to display Guid property contents from an unloaded Actor.
link text

Thanks for the test map - I was able to repro it. Working on a fix now.

Fixed in CL# 2420654 (GitHub commit)

I’m “reopening”, because this fix wasn’t integrated with 4.7 and so crash happens in 4.7.

You are correct, it did not make it into 4.7, unfortunately. It will be in 4.8, or you can integrate it from Master.