Having a difficult time finding resources for my idea! *HELP!*

I am looking to create an in game construction type game - I have several static meshes (105 different items to be exact) that I want to drag from my Inventory (including copies of the same item) to drop on the ground to just create that static mesh where I drop it, and have it be positionable (move, snap to previous item, rotate, etc). I’ve seen something about a game called The Forest type building, but I don’t want to gather resources. Just drag from my inventory page, and BAM it creates whatever I dropped onto the ground.

If ANYONE can help me find a resource in regards to what I’m looking for, I’d be forever in your debt!

Seriously frustrated so far :frowning: I have a great idea that I can’t make happen…

You have to break down the issue into components that you can then figure out. With that type of thing you’re going to be using some UI stuff and then some things like tracing where the mouse hits when you let go and how to position the object on the ground when you drop it and stuff like that. Should be very doable with Blueprints.

Heh, I’m thinking it’s outside of my capabilities… :frowning: Any tutorials that you can think of out there that will show this stuff? I’m a complete noobie when it comes to UE4… I’ve seen and heard so many good things, but I’m just not grasping the tuts as quickly as I’d hoped…

What I would recommend is to start with smaller tutorials. Make small games like asteroids and breakout so you can learn UE’s BPs. I know its not your main idea, but it will help you get enough knowledge get a basic idea of how to get started on it in Blueprints, and from there the resources to help you build it out.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll find an exact tutorial for what you want.