Having a choice of character

If you want to set a specific vehicle(pawn) for every level then create a Game Mode for every level and then set the vehicle you want for each level in their game modes.

In the game I am making I want the player to be able to choose different vehicles for each level. Currently the only way I am successful at taking input is to have the pawn blueprint on the level, using player start doesn’t work. Clearly though I need to be doing this.

So each vehicle is going to have its own blueprint. depending on a global variable based on my vehicle selection screen the player start is then going to put the relevant blueprint down on the start. this is how I assume it should work at least

where do I do this? level blue print? I am having a lot of trouble making my pawn blueprint work when I use play start as this of course is a larger harder issue

Are game modes per level or per game? from my character selection screen can I have a blueprint that changes the current game mode?

I didn’t mean a different vehicle per level but that the player can choose any vehicle to play on any level

What variable/setting I be changing? This would mean overriding the default pawn in game mode right? is it possible to have a pointer like pawn? as in its not a pawn but a pointer to another pawn?

Per level. I dont think you can change the game mode but you can definitely change the pawn at any given time but i dont know how to get(or even if its possible or not) the loaded level name with only blueprints so that you can set the right pawn for the right level. For your situation what i suggested before works fine though.

Edit: Just noticed your last sentence. In that case you can use a single game mode and setup a system to pick the car and set it as the current pawn.