Have you tried the º key in the editor?

Ive been using udk for years now but just by mistake when i was in the editor i pressed the º key (ignore the arrows grater than one from the photo) just the one over the tab key.
And it looks like if you hold it, it activates realtime+ displaying a 3d cube below the mouse cursor(which i supose its the hidden representation of the 3d mouse used for extruding/subtracting)
Ive found it to be interesting(not of any use)but still one more fun fact to know.(or a bug for me :rolleyes: )

Hey dude! Interesting keyboard layout different from most western keyboard setups here…
That key is normally ~Tilda used to toggle between world & local, or show console window in-game!
So can’t repro! Is it a two-key combination you’re pressing to get the 3d cube or a driver hotkey etc???

Hey Frank!Havent thought about the keyboard(the one im showing i think is a mac one)But you shoud just press and hold(in editor mode) the key placed over the tab one.Either way,you are not missing anything special :stuck_out_tongue:

No that key still does nothing except toggle world / local.
That feature must be mapped to a different key somewhere else…