Have you tried Elite: Dangerous + Oculus Rift + Good Joysticks?

Just wondering, this setup seems to be crazy good… Especially if you have the same joysticks as the pilot in-game, it is said that you can then basically look at your hands in-game and see the same thing you’re doing in the real life…


I sadly, haven’t… It’s too much cash to spend on, especially me being student and at… But would really like to hear experiences if someone has :slight_smile:

Some say it’s like driving a real car in the real world, relaxing :smiley:

I have tried it, but no good joysticks, only a Xbox 360 pad.
Its by far, the MOST AMAZING THING EVER on the Oculus Rift, its so next-level and impressive. If you get an oculus rift, its a CRIME to not buy this game, even if you are not that much interested in space games, you need to try that. I almost never played the game until my oculus arrived, only maiby an hour. When i managed to set up the oculus properly, it was the first thing i tried, and boy is it amazing. Im looking to buy a proper HOTAS setup, as the xbox 360 pad doesnt work too well with inmersion.
Menus are perfectly readable now on the Oculus, and having the oculus is an actual advantage in combat. Maiby you dont see the oponent ship from far, but the UI lock on is there for a reason. You get quite an advantage as you have your 360 vision and can look to places while still doing manouvers, wich you can only do if you have something like that IR tracking system.
Game may look a bit boring on the outside, but ive now sold my ****** merchant ship and built a full combat ship, and i go full on bounty hunter killing NPC pirates and similar, wich is inmensely fun.
Game runs a bit slow on my ATI R9 280x with a overclocked i72600k at 4.2 ghz. On space stations there is noticeable judder, but on open space is fine, and its on open space where you fight :slight_smile: , Anyway, ill buy a GTX970 once they do their VR optimizations.
TLDR: Heavily recomended if you like space games, an absolute must have if you have the rift, and i wont play this game again on a normal monitor, cant wait for Beta2 version in 6 days.

I concur. The implementation of the rift on Elite is the best for staving off nausea as well as making for a really immersive and fun experience. No more hot switching left and right to move to the next panel of the cockpit, its just a glance away, and you can look up out of the cockpit during dogfights so you get better situational awareness. Its pretty great. The fidelity didn’t fall off too much either, it felt really good even though I know it was pixelated. Thankfully the game lends itself to lower fidelity quite well.

I think the only thing I would complain about is that the contrast in the world doesn’t exactly hold up when in the Rift, but that may not be a problem with the Rift. Minecrift and the other samples are probably doing similar things and I don’t notice them as much b/c there is so much other stuff going on.