Have you seen this anywhere else?

So, I’m planning my game that I want to make and have encountered a problem. The gamer needs to be able to use both melee weapons and magic very quickly. The only way I can find of doing this (that I like) is with the system that was used in Fable (The Lost Chapters). On the PC version, the mouse buttons used different magic abilities, while the scroll wheel switched between different sets of them. This was all enabled by pressing the ‘Shift’ button, leaving melee for a moment to do magic. I’m worried, though, that Microsoft might dislike my use of this system. I could have a strong defense if it was used by any other game. I must admit that my experience with RPGs is not great. So, my question is if anyone has seen this style of controls used in another game. Thanks for any help.

What does Microsoft have to do with it?

I don’t think they care about it, but even if they do, they can’t prevent you from creating this system. They don’t have something like a copyright on this idea.

Have you a proof for that?
Because i think like the OP and that’s the reason i do not used Shift for my project so far!
But i would like to use it.
Has anyone some info about the spacebar-protection through NASA, i would like to use that too?

Wow. Is everyone on this forum a jerk? I’ll never ask a simple question here, again. >.>

I feel guilty now and i beg your pardon sir.
But i could not understand, why i am a jerk, when i see the topic like you.
Ok then i see it different then before and you are wrong, answer is NO.

It should be fine to use the shift button to toggle the abilities that way, You can also just change it to the Ctrl button as well instead of using Shift, if you are worried about repercussions.

You can’t copyright game mechanics, and it’s hardly groundbreaking stuff. If it works, then use it. There are very few game patents for game mechanics out there, and most that exist are really spurious (and dated) at best.

When you ask that question, you should ask yourself, how many games use the WASD+Mouse controls?