Have you noticed most dev's or UE4 users are excellent at ranting?


Have you noticed this. Sometimes i wonder how Epic Staff stays cool and calm.
I myself have been guilty of going off on tangent about some feature this or that.

But those happen when i’m sick, tired and just having a really bad day. Been trying to avoid going off over black n white because it cannot be unsaid. Or deleted. Well deleted from general public but no from the DB in epics yard.
So lately i noticed this trend… where people are putting the engine down… calling it fake, **** etc…

And i’m starting to wonder if it has something to do with the sun. Considering the sun has a major impact on our moods. Perhaps the sun is in angry mode. Though some humans are more susceptible to electromagnetic interference than others.
What do you guys think?

Do you think its the sun?
What is causing this?

I really doubt it beeing the sun. Or the moon. Neither a dark, wrathful entity telling us to not have fun :wink:

But go out on friday night, there’s always another general mood around. Happy, silent, aggressive, whatsoever. I think its the interaction between people that creates waves of one or the other.

well i need some chill waves… been sitting in this god forsaken house nou for months slaving away on the pc

Personally I think it’s by far the minority that “rant”, more it’s our tendency to notice the negative that draws our attention, leaving us less likely to see those quietly going about the business of creating.
However one should probably not rule out angry pan dimensional beings just in case. :slight_smile:

I was reading a forum discussion on the cry engine forum and there were the developers of BeamNG on it, when BeamNG still was on Cry engine.
They took a different route of dealing with criticism.
(Tdev, Garbester)

In the end, they called everyone amateurs and trolls, who got their physics from main stream games. (they are right actually). Then they switched from Cry Engine 3 to Torque3D.
Gabester’s post starting with ‘It’s almost as if you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…’ is my favorite.

I’ve heard there was super solar flash that ended up being visible as aurora borealis even near Moscow!
And… you know what sun does with people!

Honestly I get angry just reading the forums sometimes, hats off to Epic staff and the mods for keeping cool all the time.
I’ve been a moderator at a now mostly dead forum for a game most people seem to dislike (Armored Core series) for over 10 years, but that’s a far cry from forums like this.

It would be nice if people tried that google thing/used the search function more though -_-

Everyone is entitled to rant and rave … as long as they keep it clean and they don’t insult other members or cause offence … we let it go. Epic has always been open on the forums and has always welcomed comments and criticisms.

It comes down to if you know about it, you can look at fixing it … burying your head in the sand won’t help.

People are entitled to their opinions and as long as they adhere to the rules and regulations on the forum … they are welcome to express their opinions. There have actually been some good discussions that have been driven by these posts and a lot of time it comes from lack of understanding … and when this is pointed out everyone learns. 8-}

Could explain why there’s so much violence and crazy extremism in the middle east.

I have no idea what game devs, ranting and the sun have to do with anything though. Those things are pretty much mutually exclusive.

I was waiting for someone to say developers never get to see the sun. =P I think its just a vocal minority though, I wouldn’t say the majority of developers I’ve come across here are like that. Most have been very pleasant. Negative experiences tend to stick out though I suppose. =)