Have you had formal training or are you self taught?

I was just wondering how many people actually taught themselves how to develop games or any software compared to people who have had some training and thought it would be interesting and informational to read other peoples experiences. Here’s a few questions but if you think of something else I’m sure other people will enjoy reading them. It would be interesting to see if there’s any patterns that develop.

First off, are you self taught(no training from school or a job) or have you had formal training?

How long have you been designing, coding, 3d modeling, animating etc.?

What was the most difficult thing to learn about any part of the development process?

If you taught yourself the development process(no training for work or school) how long did it take you to feel comfortable in your area of expertise?

If you had prior training do you think it helped you learn faster?

What resource did you find to be most helpful? Why?

What resource did you find to be the least helpful? Why?