Have you ever made an asset-replacement mod? Can mutators do that?

I have some players asking about mods for my game. If a player wanted to make a really simple change to the game, like say, giving a sword 15 attack power instead of the default 10, what’s the easiest way to do that?

What I’m imagining is a mod that lists redirections. If someone wants a sword, then this list would, instead of giving you the default sword archetype, point the game at a different archetype that has 15 attack power.

Is there something already in the engine that can do that?

The player could of course just edit the game’s packages, and change the archetypes directly, but those changes would get undone every time I update the game, and you also can’t share that kind of modification.

Thanks for any info you can give me.

Go extend the utMutator to YourModifiedSword then in that use the function and you will have amutator that alters the swords attackpower.

function bool CheckReplacement(Actor Other)
local Sword theSword;

if ( Sword(Other) != none )
{ theSword = SwordCOLOR=#000000;[/COLOR]
theSword.attackpower = 10


GroupNames[0]=“MODIFIED SWORD”

Thanks @gamepainters! I’m going to try this right away.