Have you considered publishing games on Roblox?

Reading news like this:

I’m seriously considering to open a dev account in there and publish some games on their platform. It kinda is the equivalent of selling HTML5 / Flash games to web portals: They have the audience, I can provide games.

The average age for developers in there seems to be around 18 - 25 (with most players being 8 - 18).

I’m 36 and I have finished a game using Unity, which is being sold on Steam & consoles… But doesn’t make enough money as to be a successful business, I still keep my day job.

So, I thought that maybe publishing games in Roblox could be an easier way to earn serious money, given the enormous audience they already have… but the age difference throws me back, would it be weird? It kinda feels like entering a kid’s party :confused:

What do you think?

Can you link your game on steam? I’d like to check it out.


Sorry, I’d like to stay anonymous so I won’t link to the game. I provided that info as background to state that I’m not a beginner. The game obviously hasn’t been a success, it’s a small game and that’s why I’m looking for alternate paths for future games (small as well, I’m a solo dev).

Someone on Unity forums accused me of being from Roblox or something, I’ll reply here since I know he or she will be watching this thread as well:

I understand it certainly can look like that, but let me assure you that I’m not from Roblox and I’m not looking to promote their product whatsoever. Quite the opposite, I saw the news regarding devs making tons of money and I searched everywhere to see what other developers thought about this possibility. Since no relevant info came up, I decided to write several posts across different gamedev communities to bring up the question, because the thing that holds me back is their really young audience. If I were here to promote Roblox, I wouldn’t mention that as a downer, don’t you think?

I created new accounts to post this message because I wanted it to be an anonymous question.

If I had thousands of followers on Twitter I’d made a poll there but I don’t, so this is the closest I could come up with.

Oh btw, I can’t answer in the Unity forum because I used a throw away email to create the account and I can’t remember it now, and can’t use password recovery because that email address is gone now :confused: