Have you checked out Fiverr for UE4 creators?

The main thing that has been holding me back from even dreaming about using UE4 professionally, is the lack of Epic’s infrastructure to connect us with each other. The forums are great, but there is also quite a bit of crap here, or things people share because it’s their hobby. The Marketplace is something I am very reluctant to even consider, because there seems to be a lack of control over how long flawed assets get to be sold, not to mention outdated things.
For someone that isn’t one of you UE masters, the very idea of even trying with other people and me as the the leader and money finder, just felt so off, I cancelled my interest in Unreal Engine, because I’m not an AAA professional.
Well, one quick look at Fiverr, and my ideas might actually be possible, without having to fit all these boxes on what a game developer should be.
The best thing are the reviews, that way we should know if someone is to be trusted or not.

I know there are boards here for hiring people, but that is an ugly jungle of text. I work fast and prefer not to compromise on that.