Have UnrealVS automatically stop/start the Unreal Engine editor

As C++ projects currently need us to close the UE editor, compile, and reopen the UE editor for a lot of changes it would make sense to automate this. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting bored of the permission denied errors from VS which come from forgetting to close the editor before compiling.

When we start to compile a UE C++ project in VS it could automatically close the UE editor (making sure changes are saved first, naturally), then perform the compilation, and then restart the editor with the project open in it. If the editor wasn’t open with the project anyway then I’d assume it wouldn’t open it at the end.

There’s already the UnrealVS extension which could be extended to have this functionality as pre/post build hooks.

I usually launch the editor from VS, so when I press compile it prompts me to stop execution first.

For touch-ups on some functions at runtime, you can even launch the editor from VS and use the “Compile” button in the editor. It will stay running in debug mode. Works most of the time, you just have to watch for those times when it indicates that the hot reload failed (presumably due to too many changes). And then you just stop debugging in VS, F7 to cleanup the hot reload files, and restart the editor from VS.