Have to recompile a parent class every time I open unreal

Hello there !

A random bug just appears in our project and we didn’t find any solution yet :


Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS_BaseWeapon_182, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection.

This error disappears if I recompile the parent class but come over with the next start of the engine.
I can provide you my project if you need it.
I’m in 4.12.5

Thanks in advance for any help !

Can you handle this event without calling Parent event? As much I can remember event overrides in blueprints automatically calls parent’s event. At least it described in properties on this event node.
Specifically about this error: I have no idea why is this happening, when this error was bothering me I haven’t found any solution, it’s just gone by itself as I updated to 4.12.

Hey NaggAash,

Here is a great post that contains more information on what can cause these sorts of errors, and it’d give you a great starting point for beginning to debug your issue: TRASHCLASS issues - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

If you are unable to resolve the issue or determine the main cause, or ideally get a way to reproduce it in a clean project, please feel free to reopen this thread and provide a detailed list of steps (if you are able to determine a repro) or PM me a link to Dropbox where I can download a test project on the forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?160394-Sean-Flint

Let me know if you have further questions.

Have a great day!

Hello Flint !

Thank you for the link, it learned me how to trick in some way and resolve the issue.

Have a nice day !