Have some questions about world composition in multiplayer

Hello everyone, I am wondering about having my world exist with multiplayer. I am currently using tiled landscapes, but someone I am working with brought up some possible issues with this. I know that if something that has physics is spawned in an area where no tile is loaded, it will fall through the non-loaded floor. I imagine this is also the case if a client has the area loaded, but the server does not. I really am just trying to make sure that tiled landscapes are going to work in multiplayer. Are there any things I should be aware of? Are there any suggestions that you guys have?

Edit: I’ve heard that a dedicated server will load all tiles at once, but I still see things fall through the non-loaded floor on my clients when using a dedicated server.

I’d love to know this too.

Does anyone have an intelligent answer for this post? I’d hate to start work on a tiled landscape only for it to be voided later on, that’d be alot of wasted hours.