have question load modules at run time as well assests

my question is this let say i got finished game with a cube in at.
tata now i want let players change as well change the cube to sphere or what not
as well give logic that override or extend.
basically what build for them to be able build mods.
where do i start dose ue4 support this when i build the game what i need think over?
thanks for all helpers

Although I am not certain,

My understanding of what you are asking is - How do you allow modders of your game to be able to modify a given element without having to recompile the game.

This can be done with the config.ini settings, by exposing references to different mesh assets in the configs, but this is limited to people who are able to get their hands on the editor. Since the editor is ~ $20USD that is not a terrible hurdle to overcome. If you wanted to build further and provide further capabilities you would need to architect them yourself, and to hand them to your mod community. Modding is a very specific topic and not likely to be able to be generalized too much without exposing all the bells and whistles to everyone. My JS plugin is taking a middle of the road approach, exposing key elements where possible, and hiding components that I don’t want to allow modification to. You can find a similar approach in UT3/UT2k* mutators.

Due to the low barrier to entry, I believe the road that Epic is suggesting is to let modders grab the tools directly and to build their mod using the official tools. I am not sure it will work out too well for modding, since they wont then have access to the source code for the original game, but its something to think about. Maybe in order to get “mod” support your game will have to expose a public API… just like “plugin” bundles do now.