Have OnBeginOverlap event return usefull data even without a sweep

Hi Epic, I discovered this bummer recently:

Currently OnBeginOverlap does not return usefull positional information, when the overlapping actor did not use sweeping movement. I have not found a solution anywhere to recover this data without buggy edge cases. A guy on the Answer Hub suggested this:

“There is a work around solution but is quite a hack: You can use onHit events and disable the contact forces generated in physX. Therefore you get the FHitResult (contact normals, contact points etc), while the objects overlap.”

This would make the event so much more usefull. Since the information is there in the engine, it would be a shame to not expose it. I am currently working on a game that heavily relies on physics and the overlap event is essentially useless, since I want to apply forces at overlapping positions, and none of my actor uses sweeping movement. It’s driving me crazy. There is also a tremendous amount of confusion about this on the Answer Hub, people stumble about this quite often as it seems.

If I haven’t found the solution to this problem yet, please tell me, but as far as I know I have no 100% reliable way of knowing where a physically moved actor is penetrating my other actor the deepest. If I sweep manually there will always be problems with maybe missing a spot if the actor is shaped in weird way.

best regards, Simon

+1, I have been in need of overlap contact points many, many times.

An easy way to get that data would be incredibly useful.

Hello pulp_user,

I have written up a request and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I have also provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-40014)

Make it a great day

First of all, I’m very excited to see that this request has actually been accepted, and scheduled for 4.16.

I want to make a small addition to it: It would only be logical to provide the same kind of functionality to OnEndOverlap. I suspect that maybe you will do it anyway since it’s relatively obvious and straightforward (I guess), I just wanted to mention it, since the feature request only mentions OnBeginOverlap.

I’m super happy that this made it in, thank you very much Rudy!