Have objects push character?

I’ve seen this question asked at least two other times, but no real resolution: How do I make it so that a moving object (such as a moving wall) will push my character?

I’m using the third-person template character and I have a moving platform that’s driven by a timeline. It has a collider and everything. I can get on top of the platform and my character goes with it, but there’s a lot of weirdness with the collision when it pushes into my character. The camera freaks out, flickering its position erratically. The player seems to be moved, but not apparently smoothly. When the platform gets to its destination against a wall, my player is on top of it.

So the mysteries therein are:
-What’s causing this camera behaviour?
-How do I make the player move smoothly when something pushes her?
-I imagine ending up on top of the moving object is the result of not writing any logic to properly handle the player being squished between the wall and platform, so not a big deal there.

Hi Jared, did you find a solution?

Hm, the camera comes from the Camera settings. I guess you are using the ThirdPersonTemplate, so the Camera Boom Stick is set to get shorter if there is a wall behind the player. Otherwise it would go through the wall and you can’t see your character anymore.

How to do this smoothly? Hm, if you can’t get the result you want from just using a collider, i would try to use an overlap event. Make the overlap event on the Wall and use the OtherActor (which should be your Character at this point). Then apply force to him equal to the movement speed of the wall.

Oh man, I’m having this exact same problem.