Have Objects follow a spline

Hi, I’m trying to create a conveyor belt in Unreal Engine 4.5. I have create a spline blueprint and been follow a tutorial on how to get objects to align to the spline but when I drag off from the spline I don’t have the options like ‘Get Spline Length’.
What I need if for every 3 seconds a barrel is created at the start of the spline then follow the spline to the end. Could anyone direct me to a tutorial or show an example of how I would go about doing this.

Thank You

You said you created a spline blueprint. Are you dragging off from the reference to the spline blueprint, or to the spline component of this blueprint? If it is the former, get your spline component and then, from there, you should get the length.

Im trying to figure out the same thing with no luck. I have spline in blueprint with mesh. I get it to move to the end of the spline, but it just goes in a straight line to location. I trying to find out how to make the actor hit every point on the spline. Matinee might work better for your situation, but if you want to get my result then drag off spline and uncheck the content sensitive box and type spline. You’ll find all spline options there. Let me know if you figure it out.

For that you need to VInterp (on Tick) from your origin location to your target location (it might not work with the array of spline points, or at least it didn’t for me in an earlier version, but it should work at least with “world location at distance along spline”).

i have recently published that to help someone to have a character moving on spline from a box to a box via spline, this is a basic set which needs work as rotation goes wild if go in negative values but charactter follow the line, so i hope it will help you to :


Edit : timeline is a basic 0,0 1,maxtime. If you have trouble to extend spline, in level do right click on it and add point.

This guy here made a tutorial that may help with that: Tutorial: Blueprint Spline locked sidescroller (e.g. Klonoa / Pandemonium style game) - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums