Have kinematic collider react to collisions

Hello all!

This is a conceptual question, I’m mostly looking for pointers to get me started on the right track.

I have an object with a collider. The motion of this object is controlled with an arbitrary system of coordinates. Let’s say it’s cylindrical coordinates, such that I have three axii.

The height axis, the radius axis and the angle axis (angle between a given position that represents 0 degrees, and wherever you are, with the center of the cylinder used as the tip of the angle).

I have position, speed and acceleration values for each axis, and I update them and transform them such that my object moves as expected in the 3D world.

My object is thus kinematic. If it reaches a collider, it won’t stop, it will phase through it despite a collider being there, since I’m updating its position every frame.

How can I make it so that when my object reaches a collider, it stops there, and my values for my three axii are adjusted accordingly?