Have an actor automatically place markers only for the editor

I have a blueprint based on a trigger sphere that automatically choses where to spawn actors around him given the landscape and a few parameters. The actors are only spawned when they are about to enter in the frustum.
I’d like for the spawn automatic locations to visible in the editor with some mark that would not be interactive.

Is there an relatively easy way to do this ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes with components, you can mark any visual component ( think billboard will be the best choose for you) to be “Hidden in Game” and “Is Editor Only” in properties (you still need to hide the component as it still be visible in PIE). In costruction script which is executed on every change of location of actor you move component in location you want to mark, or clear all marking components and remake them.

With C++ you can also use component visualizerwhich is less physical and allows to draw anything in editor

It appear I’ll have to change my design a bit (part of placement requires information from an actor instance, that I cannot spawn in the construction), but it’s exactly what i wanted.

Thank you.