Have All Sorts of Game Ideas, Exited to have an opportunity to learn the engine


I have all kinds of ideas for games kicking around in my head
The last time I coded was back in the 90s and before that as a kid with BASIC
my drawing talents are merely doing schematics or architecture on a rough level
i can make sense of code and I love designing things

So, if you like working on games and don’t mind working with an Unreal newbie I need the following
some concept artists (no specific skill level required)
a mentor
a few coders (need to be patient i think large in scope)

I want to make a MMORPG, a RPG, an outer space strategic war game, maybe a spy game too
I’m also open to other peoples concept, but when it comes to my ideas I will be a little stubborn (but not impossible)

let me know if this is for you
thanks for reading this

You’ll want to post this in the LFW thread probably, this forum is mostly for showing off stuff that you’re already working on. I’m sure you’ll find some people to work on a project as a mutual learning experience though, there seem to be quite a few out there!