Have all actors of choice call a certain event inside a certain actor

It sounds so easy in my head but ive been working on this back and forth for a couple of days now and it is extremely hard to access a prespawned actor. As in, an actor put to the level before game is ran.
And then how do I get a reference to this actor from all other actors?

What I am looking to do is have one function that randomize every drop in the game. I have the function done and it works as expected, but I for example whenever something dies it checks if it was a player or npc/monster/creature that died.
That actor will then pass in certain predefined dropchances from a loottable into the randomizer function.
Purpose of this is to have a clean code where from the actor dying you just get this spawner actor, pass in a couple variables and out comes a fountain of loot :3

EDIT: Oh might work with get all actors of class, since it will be only one of those actors per level, shouldnt take up alot of resources right?

Interfaces, Dispatchers,

“get all actors of class” this gives array of all actors, if you have single one it will be at index 0.
Interfaces is basically “get all actors of class” with that you can add different classes to same group.

Easier way is to create that function in player controller or game state, get reference of that actor and cast to it. You skip all those get all actors of class.

Thanks alot, Interfaces I will have to look up right now. I was tinkering with dispatchers earlier but having problems understanding them.
I used to have that function in the player controller the problem is, it is a multiplayer game and whenever something dies it would have to contact a specific player controller and then I would have to check if this controller is still playing and what not.
Game state I was under the impression that there is one gamestate per player?

I basically need this one lonley actor I think or level blueprint that everything that can spawn loot at some point can contact.
Im trying the get all actors of class at the moment, with a couple of test actors that I will gently kill to aquire my loots.

So will look back here in a while

For multiplayer, yes dropping single loot master in level will be best.

Dispatchers are great, but they communicate from single to many, so exactly opposite of what you need.
Interfaces do not help much more compared to get all actors of class (until you need multiple classes to have same functionality)

Really nice to hear I am on the right track here!
I have a question tho if you know or have any guess about how heavy it would be getting all actors of class when there is only one actor from said class?
Will it loop through all actors currently spawned and check all of them if they are a loot master? Or is this going in any better way?