Have a Static Mesh fade in/out

I’m looking up tutorials left and right on how to implement this, or take something meant for a third person camera and modify it for my game’s needs, but I think they are using such an old version of UE4 that I don’t know if I can perfectly recreate their Blueprints with the current version.
To describe, I’m just trying to have an object fade in and out when the player approaches or walks away from it. I’ve already got it working with the object’s visibility being turned on and off, but wanted to do a better visual for it. I already understand that it will probably need two materials with one having opacity for an option, but I’m having a tough time putting it in.

^That. Or you could use something like this with a lerp on distance:

Guys, this bug at me? When i switch on translucent, i can’t insert normal, metallic and roughness channels… Someone can help me? Me need all metallic, roughness, normal and opacity channel. Tnx for help, if someone can explain this…

You may select “Surface TranslucencyVolume” for Lighting Mode in material’s Translucency settings in order to enable normal, metallic and roughness with opacity.