Have a component (like an AI's shield) simulate physics?

I have a sword and shield type AI that is based off the character class and is using physical animations. Whenever the skeletal mesh collides with something, it can be pushed around but the shield and sword components go through objects. I understand this is because they are not simulating physics and thus have no collision but simulating physics makes them detach and fall to the ground.

How do I have it such that if the shield is pushed, for example, it acts as part of the skeletal mesh it is attached to and thus causes the arm to be pushed too? At the same time, the components will need to be able to detach on AI death.

I’ve been searching around for an answer for this and haven’t been able to. Any help is appreciated.

I figured it out! In the Event Graph of my character AI, I just use Attach To Component between my sword or shield and the mesh on BeginPlay. Even though it was already attached before by way of the component list, it did not work until I did this.