Haunted House

Well my first render in unreal. I will call it the house of my dreams. For more about the project: ArtStation - Haunted House


Nice, actually…

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Hey @anonymous_user_2d437861,

Hope you’re doing well.
Guess we’re moving in with the ghosts and spirits because that house looks amazing. :slight_smile: You mentioned this was your first render in Unreal, how do you feel about how it turned out?

Hope to see more of your spooky houses in the future! Also huge welcome to the Unreal Engine Community. We’re thrilled to have you :smiley:

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Love your art!
I suggest adding some fog in front of the house, it looks too clean.

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Thanks @PresumptivePanda ! The truth is that unreal is overwhelming, but I doubt it will render again in another program :smile:

Thanks for your comment @Limanima . The truth is that I have struggled with the fog for hours and I have not been able to find the setup that did not ruin the lighting that I was looking for. Much remains to be learned :sweat_smile: