Hatred Mod - widowmaker

I got a friend to do the female sounds for this game called Hatred (hatred is in unreal engine 4)
it turns out that’s the easy part, the hard part is changing the main character from the hatred dude to the survival female character, widowmaker.

The female model is 2 models the first model is the head and hands and second model is the rest of the body. They need to be merged into one also.

I can offer to pay someone to do it. I’ve got a credit card/master card but I don’t know how much this job is worth but we’ll work it out. Something like you post a video of it working with the sounds then we work out how to pay you then you post the mod on steam. I tried doing this myself but I failed miserably, and I don’t think the sounds my friend did should go to waste.

Hatred is very cheap and also it comes with it’s own unreal 4 editor.

Someone had merged the 2 models, head and hands and the body as one model
so now all that needs doing is putting it into the game with the hatred editor which again I’m still offering to pay for.