Hatred - I don't think this is what Epic had in mind for their logo at end of trailer

I noted the UE4 logo at the end of this trailer which is why I posted it here. Pitchforks incoming. I think the politicians worldwide will descend as one. I mean i thought I was desensitized to most violence but ****. I even had to ask, would I buy this. And I’ll typically buy anything of good quality… good question. Here goes 3, 2, 1, boom! Postal all over again.


They know already

Thanks I didn’t search the net. Mods please close as you see fit.

Well this that or the other thing it’s going to sell hotter than a hot coffee mod.

The only thing that would be better is if Jack Thompson called it a murder simulator and no one should be allowed to play it.

It’s funny you say that considering EPIC started the trend of grim ultraviolence with this. This is a development forum, we don’t need your political agenda here.

television is worse than this nowdays…but if in the game you can do a school massacre they would probably make them take that out and it depends on the country its getting released in too

Well, this is off-topic part of the forum and while i dont have a problem with the game itself, i do have to wonder that if its only a pr stunt to make themselves know with making a game like this.

From what ive gathered, this game doesnt have any real objectives, just to massacre and the only way they could make it worse from “all games are evil, they are the reason our youth shoot and gangs are formed” is to include a school map.

Nevertheless, im pretty sure this will be the poster child for every politician running with their anti-game agenda. Just kinda surprised that it took this long for anything like this to appear, Postal games after all are kinda old.

If they are clever they will be fueling the backlash like GTA did. Consider what publicity like this would cost.

It’s the perfect marketing strategy at this particular point in time. We are just about entering a new era of Jack Thompsonesque backlash against video games, so they will probably sell tons of copies.

I guess you never played manhunt, it was a lot more violent then this game, so much so that manhunt was banned at one point although manhunt was a good game where as hatred looks boring (looks ok for a rampage every now and then like I used to do in GTA but other then that it seems pointless). I am with others that its nothing new and nothing about it is offensive/disturbing to me for 1 reason…its just a game, plus I was desensitized to violence in the real world due to a former life so game violence wouldn’t bother me anyway but I can see how others could be offended and why epic want the UE4 logo removed.

I guess ultimately if someone wants to make a game like that they will if people like it or not.

Yeah manhunt is way worse…One thing i really remember from manhunt was the body fluids

In manhunt the enemys are bad guys that wanna kill you, It is ok that you kill. Violence is not the main problem with the game.

Thats a good point…

The world is a hypocrisy place, why do your surprise?

Then there’s the naked racism. Fuck NO Video Games • "Hatred" is a genocide simulator developed by...

You can think whatever the hell you want to. I love what they did. Pure, unadulterated artistic freedom - they said let’s create a game in which you play a mass murderer … and they did it (it would appear). I applaud. Hopefully it’s not just a marketing stunt.

As for Epic: I totally understand they want their logo out or that they don’t want to be associated with the game. That’s only fair.

Wow even you on the censor train…where does it stop. I just lightheartedly opened up the conversation as I didn’t see it posted here prior. for a game I’ll likely buy seriously. Please get off your high horse. So what I noted it’s controversial. I said nothing about “Murder justification” that everyone else is ranting about in violent pixel fiction game? You serious read way too much into my post.

This game Trailer stands out from others with it’s clear tone and art style with gruesome civilian Murder, not War with soldiers fighting aliens, undead, and other soldiers which for most is given a clear Justification.

Reminds me of Postal 2014

Note: this is all said again objectively. I didn’t say it should be censored etc and it is controversial as an aside in my opinion. no politics or sides taken, it just is. Epic has requested the author remove the UE4 logo from all their works for their stated reasons which I wont go into. Public service message to who? Dev’s on a development forum…read whatever you want into it.

I remember GOW differently than you is all. Soldiers @ war, not some civilian guy with hate executing civilians… Does the fictionalized game look dark and possibly entertaining, eh yes. It is what it is.

As far as I can tell, it appears they were using the logo without permission instead of Epic asking for it to be removed due to content. Now that there is a way to use the logo legally it might be added again, not entirely sure though.

Well, we had games like Manhunt. If people think this game is wrong or bad, they just wont buy it, also its not like they show the mass murders with raimbows and flowers, but with an ultragritty style.
Personally, i dont really care enough, and i dont think ill play this.

Game need to banned. Not sure what get into the head of the developers.