Hash in UE with LE Extended standard library ?

Hello !

I was looking for a way to hash a string in my blueprint. I found the free plugin LE Extended Standard Library and I tried to use it to hash my string in sha256 but I am not able to do it. There is no documentation so I am a bit lost…

What I did :

My string is : Hello

What my hash is :

What my hash should be :

So it is quite different… I know I did not understand at all how works the plugin… Could someone help me ?
Thank you !

All the best

Ok I found the solution. I contacted the author of the plugin and he gave me the solution :

  1. you do not need to give the length to the different function, only usefull if you would like to do just a part of the string.

  2. the node “generate hash” return binary data. So he said I have to replace the node “byte to string” with “bytes to hex” to make it works.

And now it is working very well thanks to him !
Sorry I can’t close the subject, my answer hub account is broken and I can’t do anything else than post answer…