Has updating a Samsung S9 to Android Pie broken my Gear VR with Controller?

Hi. I’ve built a VR app for the Gear VR with controller. The VR app tested fine on my Samsung S9 with the old operating system. I never had issues with the Gear Controller.
I’m using Unreal 4.20.3. In project settings I’ve set the minimum sdk to 19 and the target sdk to 19 as per the docs:

Section 2.5


The other day my phone updated to Android Pie (Android 9.0). And now the controller isn’t really working with my app.
I have recalibrated the controller, changed the batteries, etc. without success.

I don’t think i’ve done anything to my app to make the controller stop working and it might just be coincidence but i’ve only run into problems since updating the Samsung o/s a few days ago.

If anyone has had similar issues it’d be good to know.

I’ve also attached a screen shot of the Android sdk setup in Unreal. The NDK api level is set to 19 and wasn’t sure if that should be later.

I also wasn’t sure whether I should follow these instructions:


And install the latest SDK (image attached)? And if I do install the latest SDK for Android 9 are there settings within Unreal that I have to change to update to Android 9?



So after posting the original message what I have found is that I keep having to pair the controller with the phone.
So each time I quit the game and then relaunch it I need to pair the devices again. I don’t remember needing to do this before the o/s update.