Has UE-4728 - "Lighting needs to be rebuilt in LandscapeMountains" been fixed?

First of all apologies if this is the wrong section for this question.

During 4.6 there was a bug created for the Landscape Mountains sample project as its lighting was not rebuilt (to reflect improvements foliage static lighting which came with 4.6). The bug logged was UE-4728 - “Lighting needs to be rebuilt in LandscapeMountains”. Has this been fixed yet?

I downloaded the latest Landscape Mountains available in the marketplace today and found that the bug is still reproducible. I realize I could simply try building the lighting myself but there’s additional issues in the project such as foliage assets not having lightmap UVs (not to mention that even my 16 GB of RAM is not enough to build the landscape mountains project!)

Eager to know what the resolution for UE-4728 was.


I opened Landscape Mountains in 4.6.1 and did not receive the error that lighting needs to be rebuilt. According to records this bug was closed as fixed quite a while ago. Try deleting the landscape mountains off of your computer and re-downloading it. It may be that the project did not correctly update to the latest version.

Thanks for looking Adam.

I removed all traces of Landscape Mountains from the vault/projects/etc and downloaded the latest version (4.6.1) but the issue still persists. Is the project you tested a local copy (perhaps already rebuilt) or was it downloaded fresh from the marketplace?

It’s not too big a deal, although the reason I wanted a built version of this project is to compare the quality of static lighting on foliage in Epic’s sample with my own projects. I’ve not been getting the kind of results i was looking for on my landscapes/foliage and thought the landscape project would be a great point of reference for comparison.

Here’s some screenshots starting from scratch:

Mine was downloaded from the marketplace as well. I’m going to remove/redownload the project and see if I can reproduce it on my end again.


After deleting and re-downloading the project I was able to reproduce this and have updated the bug report with this information.

Thank you!