Has to have 'collision enabled' set to 'query and physics' or 'physics only'

I keep getting this warning during runtime, and I cant figure out what its referring to. As far as I can see I have the relevant settings all set up, and Im not even using AddForceAtLocation anywhere. Some help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure to set the Settings at the right Component. AddForce can be a external like a Granade or Explosion. Not necessery inside your Ship BP. If you dont want it to apply to your Ship filter it out wherever your Force comes from.

The thing is Im not adding force from anywhere, no blueprints use AddForce. There are some thrusters on the ship itself, and thats all the force currently in the game.

Well theres your Warning source then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Make sure every Component on your Ship Pushed by this Truster has the settings as described in the Warning. (You can unhook your Trusters Add Force to confirm the Warning comes from there)

Ok, so it turns out that thrusters use AddForce (duh), when I have them deactivated there are no errors. Now the next issue is there is literally only one component in the blueprint that CAN have these settings enabled, and it does. Unless theres some hidden settings I dont know about.

Can you screenshot the Component hiearchy of your ship? Also make sure you don´t change the settings via Script somewhere.

Main is the actual mesh, this has physics and collisions set up. There are thrusters for pitch yaw and roll. The scene components are just markers to help me get coordinates for some line traces.

The ship does fly and steer perfectly fine, so I guess the thrusters are doing their job properly, but I’ll still get that error every frame, and with 16 ships on screen it slows down the FPS after a minute or so

Hmm yes looks fine to me and the Warning was pointing to “Main”.

Can you log your settings at Tick and/or Begin Play? You could have potentialy some script that changes it at some Point later.

And just to be sure you changed it in the BP itself and not override on a specific instance in your Level right? That would only apply to one ship only.

As far as I can see there is no outside source affecting the settings of this blueprint. I only have one other item that alters a couple integer variables.

The log says that the collision is set properly each frame, although oddly enough I now get a slightly different error

‘Invalid Sumulate Options: Body(same item as before) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible’

Well thats messed up cO it logs the correct setting but your error says setttings are not correct. Can you test something for me? Make a new Level just put your ship in there, does the Warning still show up?

If not you got to check all your 16 ships if they have the setting set correctly, in worst case delete and recreate them. Something is bugged out.

Also a thing to look into if you have Child Blueprints of your Ship check the settings there too. Might not be inherited correctly.

Even with an empty scene containing only the ship, the issue still goes.

I ran a different test however, I used the set collision node at BeginPlay, so it will definitely be correct on the first frame no matter what, but then had a print string with the results from Get Collision for every tick. It came up with an odd result that would explain things, though Im not sure what is causing it.


:o I found the culprit! A small blueprint segment I forgot to disable! Thanks for your help man!

Glad you could nail it down =) just for People may encounter the same error can you clearify what it was? I assum a Set Collision node somewhere right?

It was indeed. The fact that it was altering its condition every frame nailed it down that somewhere SOMETHING was interfering. In the end I used the little tool that lets you find nodes across all blueprints (something I didnt know existed before) to look for a Set Collision node.

Hehe yeah CTRL+F the Search will find you anything ^^

Well its only been a week since first using UE4, Im sure I’ll make all kinds of mistakes and find new things!