Has there been any attempts at standardization by the community?

Hi all,

I don’t spend much time on here, so the answer to my question may already have been answered at some point.

I was wondering if there have been any attempts by the community at standardization, aside from any standards set by Epic in their Marketplace Guidelines. The sort of standards I’m talking about would be things like:

  • Scale of assets.
  • Dimensions of modular pieces, such as room size, wall height, door dimensions, etc.
  • Texture tiling size/texel density.
  • Folder structure. For example, Meshes->Architecture->Medieval->Tudor, etc.
  • Naming structure and naming convention. This would be things like suffixes for textures (“_a” for albedo maps, “_n” for normal maps, etc.), and naming structure for modular pieces (similar to the way Bethesda names their modular pieces).

Additionally, I was wondering if it would be feasible to create a community curated library of resources that could be shared between assets created by different publishers, mainly the sharing of generic textures and detail textures. Would we be able to expect Unreal Engine to properly merge folders and assets without having conflicts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Besides Epic’s requirements on character models and such, I don’t believe so.

As far as a general guides to things goes, I’ve always recommended the UE4 Style Guide created by Allar.