Has "Set Controller Rotation" been removed?

I’m working on a map for UT with several teleporters. I have them all working fine except that I want the player to leave the teleport destination facing a different direction.
Several places I found that I need This set controller rotation node. but I can’t find it.
I’ve tried typing several variations of it in the search in blue print and have found no results.
I feel like I’m not seeing something staring me right in the face.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You have to uncheck “Context Sensitive” from the search dialog. This appear to be a bug tho, was not like this before 4.11

even if I drag of my “get controller” node, I need it unchecked. Wich does not make sense because it return a controller reference wich is what this node is needing.

But it is still there.

PS: note that the name of this node Contain “Control” not “Controller” unlike “Get Controller Rot”. Wich is also a bit weird.

seems to be listed in the newest docs still. perhaps you are trying to get it out of context? make sure to drag from a controller reference or disable context in the search.

It is listed under “Pawn” in the search list, meaning it should show up without unchecking “Context Sensitive” while searching for it from a pawn. Like it did in 4.10.

my reply was for op, we both posted the same time. but yeah i didn’t realize it was bugged.

wonderful. thanks yall!