Has Point gravity been implemented into UE4 on its current build (4.7)?

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked into ALL of the updates from each build of UE4. Awhile back I had converted the character movement component to allow my characters up vector and all of the evaluations for movement related things to allow the characters to walk around on the inside of a sphere. An inverted sphere. This is still functioning as I modified all the evaluations to first rotate the current rotational vector of the character to line its up vector with that of the world before evaluating the element, then rotate it back.

Has there since been anything added where I could deprecate this work and take use of a newer system within UE4?

I heard some time back that Epic was planning on adding functionality for point gravity but ti wasn’t high up on the list. So I’m just wondering if this has ever been implemented, if not, then is there any idea if this has been downgraded or is no longer a priority?

4.8.2 still nothing