Has Blender made any improvement yet? For Unreal Engine? some ideas

Blender has a hair particle generator, but at the moment that hair particle generator system is not Unreal Engine friendly. so it needs to change it so its more friendly for 3d engines like Unreal Engine so Unreal Engine can be able to import in the hair, or convert the hair into alpha sheets… Surely Blender can have an alpha sheet hair generator and then we just adjust all the flat sheets on the hair to style it… So instead of working with millions of polys, you’re working with about 50-100 sheets Because if you can’t import the particle hair in from Blender into Unreal Engine without it causing issues or slowing down the engine because of millions of polys that are in those particle hairs., Then its hair generator system is NOT going to be of much use for the Skeletons expect for maybe doing photo shoot scenes or artwork for the game unless you use another 3d program to try to fix the hair to make it Friendly for Unreal Engine to use it in animated rigs.

The only use I can see for it, is game artwork for your models, or generating a hair texture out of it if possible, , So I think Blender should have an option to just generate a bunch of flat alpha sheets for hair and so you can then select your hair texture since most hair is done that way in the 3d engines to keep the poly counts down… It shouldn’t be that hard to generate a bunch of flat sheets for the hair and then just slap a hair texture on it and then arrange the sheets around on the hair to style it and line the hair sheets all up because when the alpha transparency is put through it it will hide those sheets.

So when are the Blender Developers going to use flat sheets for generating the hair to keep all the poly counts all down in the engine?
For the Blender Models that I see that are being sold up on turbosquid and other 3d model places that make these blends are using all this millions of poly of particle hair system which we can’t import into Unreal Engine without causing display or fps issues. And that is a pain because it also slows down the engine frame rate. So for making stuff for this engine, hair sheets is probably what we may have to use…

So do all the Blender Artists realize that Blender’s Particle hair strands system is not compatible with Unreal Engine or other 3d engines without having to make special modifications to it with another 3d program?

There’s an addon for that: Hair Tool for Blender

Hair ribbons, is that like sheets? This should make things alot more easier

Yes, first you make a normal mesh that has the shape (silhouette) you want. Then you generate curves from that and change the randomness settings to what you want. Then you convert those curves to ribbons (hair cards), and change the UVs if you want to. Really easy.

So does this just make separate hair pieces that you can fit onto your 3d model head, or does it make the hair on
the 3d human model itself within Blender? As for making the hair ribbons, is there’s a tutorial for this procedure…
How many polys do you end up with then when you make this hair with the ribbons?

It’s a separate mesh. You just click buttons, it’s not hard. You can choose how many segments when creating the hair, that will influence poly count. It’s not too much though, I use subsurf on the created meshes to make the hair even smoother.

Does this create the hair on the model or is it creating it without the model ?

It is a separate mesh. What do you even mean? Check the blog post in the link I posted if you want to know how it works.

Oh i mean do you put the hair on the scalp of the model when creating the hair, do you have a head to work with to create the shape of the hair piece?

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You create it with a separate mesh. You then use this mesh to create the curves, and use the curves to create the ribbons. It’s good if you have a head mesh too so you can make sure the hair will eventually fit but it’s not required. You can also have a mesh for each part, so you could have extra meshes for bangs and so on.