Has anyone used Unreal to create HTML5 Website? Any examples?

Has anyone used Unreal to create an HTML5 Website? Any example links that can be posted? Is there any reason why it wouldn’t make sense to create a fairly straight forward website with Unreal? It seems using Unreals UI system and blue prints would be a lot more enjoyable to work with then tinkering in html/css files for me personally.

That’d be like, ultimate overkill, and probably the slowest loading site ever.

Overkill??? But the site could be like a game then…

User arrives at site… faces off with alien invaders. Gotta shot your way through to the products page! Forums are on level 2… “Oh you want to contact our technical support department, you must defeat the boss first…” Hahaha nobody gets support! :wink: Maybe Epic should do this to their website… cut down on support emails.

User arrives at site… sees loading bar for 10 seconds… user leaves.